Bias^2 RFP

This fund is currently not accepting applications.

Launched in September 2020, the HDSI’s Bias2 Program supports research, features speakers, and engages the data science community towards using data science to uncover bias and systemic racism, as well as to understand and combat the use of badly-conceived data science that can reinforce bias and inequity.  

This special funding opportunity seeks to support research data science projects to uncover bias and inequities--- whether in public policy, on internet platforms, in health outcomes, or elsewhere --- as well as projects that seek to develop new algorithmic and statistical methods, related for example to fairness, transparency, data inaccuracy that can lead to bias,  or confounding.  We recognize that strength comes through diversity and welcome proposals from teams with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities. We encourage PIs to consider this aspect of their proposal, and whether it can be helpful to involve partners from affected communities. 

Award Amount and Duration: The total budget for this funding opportunity is $250,000, from which we anticipate making awards of up to $100,000 (direct costs) as well as awards to support a number of smaller projects. We are seeking to support research projects that are designed to be completed in a 12- to 18-month period. 

Eligibility: Individuals who hold a faculty appointment at a Harvard school and who have principal investigator rights at that school are eligible to apply. (Harvard Medical School faculty must hold a faculty appointment with PI rights in one of HMS’s Quad-based, preclinical departments).

Application Requirements: Please submit the following online here:

  1. Project Statement (2 pages maximum) that addresses:

    1. The question or problem, and why it is important.

    2. The approach to be taken.

    3. The potential for broader impact of the proposed work, including how the work may benefit affected communities.

  2. Abridged CV or Biosketch (limit 2 pages) of the PI and any co-investigators

  3. Budget Estimate (up to $100,000, smaller proposals also encouraged), with major divisions of funds listed as line items (personnel, equipment, etc.). School assessments and/or indirect costs should not be included in your budget (the DSI will arrange these with home schools separately). Examples of eligible expenses include: personnel (including postdocs, graduate students, undergraduate students), equipment, teaching-related expenses, and travel to present results. The following expenses are NOT eligible for funding: faculty salary, graduate student tuition, and subcontracts outside Harvard unless there is a clear scientific rationale for why the work needs to be done externally.

  4. List of all pending and current external sources of grant support, and information on any external funding you have applied for or intend to apply for to support the proposed project.

Reporting: Each awardee is expected to complete a final report as well as a one paragraph layperson’s summary for the HDSI website within 30 days of project completion and to share any code that is developed, and, to the extent possible any data sets that are used, through a public GitHub repository.

If you have questions about Bias2 grants, please contact