Industry Seminar: DraftKings - Building the Unbiased Subconscious of the Organization


Thursday, March 10, 2022, 1:30pm to 2:30pm




Title: Building the Unbiased Subconscious of the Organization

Abstract: In the Data Science team at DraftKings, we think of people and processes as the organization's brain whose goal is to solve as many relevant problems as possible using rational decision frameworks.

Given that view, we identify critical business problems that are bottlenecked to scale in volume and complexity. We adopt highly iterative approaches to find product-market fit with our stakeholders. We invest in causal methods and techniques under the assumption that we want to observe the unbiased relationship between a decision alternative and the future state of the world. Finally, we combine all these actions to automate economically rational decision-making with machine intelligence -- migrating the conscious to the subconscious, thereby freeing human resources for more creative challenges.

This talk will provide an overview of data science at DraftKings. I will describe the multidisciplinary approach we take to data science. I will walk through examples to illustrate the challenges we face with developing and implementing solutions. I hope the audience will leave this talk with an understanding of the obstacles to integrated problem solving within the fast-paced, highly-competitive gaming industry.

Speaker: Bradley Fay (Director, Data Science Engineering)

Bradley Fay is the director of data science at DraftKings. Fay joined the company in 2018 where he started his career as a Senior Manager of Reinvestment Analytics. Fay is responsible for leading the consumer data science team in building solutions for marketing personalization, product recommendations, and risk management.

Prior to joining DraftKings, Fay worked at Wayfair as a data scientist, where he built the models for digital retargeting and customer lifetime value for which he was recognized at the 2016 Wayfair-ian of the year. Previously, Fay was a high school teacher and football coach.

Fay received his MBA in sports business and Ph.D. in quantitative marketing from Arizona State University and currently resides in Westwood.