Industry Seminar: Juan M. Lavista Ferres - Microsoft


Thursday, April 15, 2021, 1:30pm to 2:30pm


Zoom Webinar

Everything you always wanted to know about  AI and AI For Good* but were afraid to ask

The Microsoft AI for Good Research Lab is a philanthropic team of data scientists and applied researchers dedicated to using AI, Machine Learning, and statistical modeling to tackle some of humanity’s most significant challenges. We partner with leading nonprofits, research institutions, NGOs, and governments to accelerate work across the AI for Good program portfolio—Earth, Accessibility, Humanitarian Action, Cultural Heritage, Health—as well as other pressing issues such as affordable housing, broadband access, digital skills, justice reform, legal compliance, etc.​ This talk will describe the type of work we do, the lessons we learned, the impact, and the pitfalls.


Juan M, Lavista Ferres is currently the General Manager and Lab Director of the Microsoft AI For Good Research Lab, where he works with a team of data scientists and researchers  in AI, Machine Learning and statistical modeling, working across Microsoft AI For Good efforts. These efforts includes projects in AI For Earth, AI for Humanitarian Action, AI For Accessibility and AI For Health. Full bio here.