HDSI Public Service Data Science Graduate Fellowship

The HDSI (Harvard Data Science Initiative) Public Service Data Science Graduate Fellowship supports Master’s students in Harvard’s data science programs (Biomedical Informatics, Health Data Science, Data Science) who want to explore career paths at not-for-profit and public sector organizations through a summer internship.

The fellowship includes a $10,000 stipend to support an unpaid summer 2019 internship at a not-for-profit or public sector organization that either (a) applies data science to solve social challenges, or (b) advocates for responsible data science.  The stipend is intended to support living expenses during the summer and may not be used for tuition.

Fellows are also expected to promote public service data science at Harvard, which will include documenting their experience in the fellowship through a blog post or short report to the HDSI; and may include community-building activities such as:

  • Facilitating a public service data science reading group
  • Participating on panels and in discussions/talks
  • Serving as a resource to other students interested in public service and data science

To apply for support from the DSI Public Service Fellowship program, please send an email to datascience@harvard.edu with “Public Service Fellowship” in the subject line  no later than February 15, 2019.  Emails must include:

  • The names of up to three organizations that you propose interning with. These organizations must be government agencies, public sector agencies, municipalities, or registered non-profits, that either (a) apply data science to solve social challenges; or (b) advocate for responsible data science.  You will not be required to intern with one of these particular organizations, but fellowships will be awarded contingent on a formal internship offer from an eligible organization (that may be similar to those you have proposed). While pre-application contact with these organizations is not required, candidates are strongly encouraged to discuss their plans and interests with organizations to ensure that proposed work is viable and of interest.
  • A statement of purpose that addresses the following questions (500 words).
    • What motivates you to want to work at these specific organizations? Why these organizations rather than others in the same community or field?
    • What kind of proposed project or work would you hope to do with  one of these organizations?
    • How this fellowship would contribute to your personal and professional development. What skills do you seek to gain from this work, and how would these host organizations help you develop those skills? How would this opportunity fit into your long-term career goals?
    • What academic and extra-curricular experiences have prepared you to do this work? Please feel free to mention academic or extracurricular activities you expect to have participated in by summer 2019.
  • A one page resume
  • A Harvard course transcript
  • A reference letter from a faculty member, previous employer, or someone else who can attest to your interest. Please have recomenders send letter to datascience@harvard.edu seperately from the application.
  • A non-binding letter or agreement indicating interest in working with you from at least one of the organizations proposed for your internship.

All materials should be submitted as PDF documents to datascience@harvard.edu.

If you have questions or would like more information about the fellowship, please contact datascience@harvard.edu.

Eligibility requirements

  • To apply for an HDSI Public Service Data Science Graduate Fellowship, you must be a registered, current student in good standing in one of the three eligible Master’s programs with expected graduation date in Fall 2019 or Spring 2020.

Application Deadline: February 15, 2019.

The HDSI will announce 2019 Fellows in late February - early March, 2019.