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HDSI Launches Harvard Data Science Review

July 2, 2019

Today, the Harvard Data Science Initiative announced the launch of the first issue of the HARVARD DATA SCIENCE REVIEW, the inaugural publication of the HDSI published by MIT Press. Combining features of a premier research journal, a leading educational publication, and a popular magazine, HDSR leverages digital technologies and data visualizations to facilitate author-reader interactions globally. The first issue of the freely available digital edition features articles on topics ranging from authorship attribution of Lennon-McCartney songs to machine learning models for predicting drug...

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Embedding ethics in computer science curriculum

January 29, 2019

David Parkes, George F. Colony Professor of Computer Science, teaches a wide-ranging undergraduate class on topics in algorithmic economics. “Without this initiative, I would have struggled to craft the right ethical questions related to rules for matching markets, or choosing objectives for recommender systems,” he said. “It has been an eye-opening experience to get students to think carefully about ethical issues.”


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Data Science Animation Contest

December 7, 2018

Have you studied data science in a course or on your own? Are you interested in pushing your visualization skills to create data animations? If so, then you should enter Harvard’s first Data Science Animation Contest!

What: On your own or in a team, illustrate a data science or statistics concept through creating an animation, which you can make with the same tools you used when learning data science.


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