Harvard Data Science Review Launches Issue 2:3

July 30, 2020

The latest issue of HDSR has just launched, and it contains a timely collection of 15 articles (6 forthcoming in August and September) that should inspire much discussion and debate. Editor-In-Chief Xiao-Li Meng appropriately sets the stage for the reader with his delightful editorial (complete with a recipe), “What is your List of 10 Challenges in Data Science?”  This issue truly embodies HDSR’s mantra, Everything Data Science and Data Science for Everyone, as it features a high school student, a comedian, and two presidents (one for a university and one for a professional society), among many others from industry and academia.
Issue 2:3 highlights include:

  • A conversation with MIT President Rafael Reif on COVID-19 and MIT’s College of Computing 
  • Recent work by LinkedIn’s data science team on causal inference
  • Data science and home cooking
  • An interview with the lead author of a recent study that raises questions about the accuracy of making predictions using machine learning techniques 
  • Papers addressing the challenges in data privacy and statistical science 
  • How businesses can successfully implement data and AI strategies 
  • Plus, Deep Learning and Differential Privacy, the use of data science in urban planning, why data science education should begin in kindergarten, and much more!
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