COVID-19 Resources Collected by the HDSI

Researchers across Harvard are using data science to tackle the novel coronavirus in an attempt to understand its transmission and slow its spread.  In this unprecedented period, we will post their stories on this website and across our social media accounts.  Featured work may represent initial results of early stage research conducted at Harvard University and may not yet have undergone peer review.  This research is evolving quickly.

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COVID-19 Resources


Featured News from the Harvard Data Science Initiative

HDSI Postdoctoral Fellows Anti-Racism Statement

June 23, 2020

The Harvard Data Science Initiative (HDSI) Postdoctoral Fellows feel outrage and anguish over the killings, police brutality, and injustices that disproportionately affect and marginalize Black people in America. The events of the past few weeks have been profound reminders of the systemic racism and injustice throughout our society and the dedicated work on which we need to act in order to dismantle racial inequity.... Read more about HDSI Postdoctoral Fellows Anti-Racism Statement

HDSI Anti-Racism Statement

June 23, 2020

The Harvard Data Science Initiative and the Harvard Data Science Review share the grief and outrage of people throughout the United States and around the world over the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless other unnamed Black lives. We abhor the racial inequity that is felt every day by people across our country.... Read more about HDSI Anti-Racism Statement

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