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COVID-19 Resources Collected by the HDSI

Researchers across Harvard are using data science to tackle the novel coronavirus in an attempt to understand its transmission and slow its spread.  In this unprecedented period, we will post their stories on this website and across our social media accounts.  Featured work may represent initial results of early stage research conducted at Harvard University and may not yet have undergone peer review.  This research is evolving quickly.

 If you know of important work or opportunities that you would like us to highlight, please email datascience@harvard.edu.

COVID-19 Resources


Featured News from the Harvard Data Science Initiative

HDSR's Xiao-Li Meng on Biased Vaccine Surveys

December 9, 2021
When Delphi-Facebook and the U.S. Census Bureau provided estimates of COVID-19 vaccine uptake last spring, their weekly reports drew on responses from as many as 250,000 people.

The data sets boasted statistically tiny margins of error, raising confidence that the numbers were correct. But when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported actual vaccination rates, the two polls were off — by a lot. By the end of May, the Delphi-Facebook study had overestimated vaccine uptake by 17 percentage points — 70 percent versus 53 percent, according to the CDC — and the Census Bureau’s...

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Trust in Science Round 2 Funding Awarded

July 28, 2021

Congratulations to Matthew Baum, Elena Glassman, Hanspeter Pfister, and Minttu Rönn, recipients of recent awards from the HDSI Trust in Science Fund. You can read more about their projects, and our previous awards, here.


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