Spatial Data Science Workshop Series

Hosted by Esri, The Harvard Data Science Initiative, and The Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis

Harvard Affiiliates Only

Come learn about the value that spatial data science can bring to your work. These free, virtual workshops will use some of the most widely used spatial software: ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS StoryMaps, to demonstrate workflows using both UI-driven analysis and Notebook-driven analysis.


Statistical Cluster Analysis and Space-Time Analysis (1/21/2022 - Event Page - Video)
Machine Learning-based Cluster Analysis (1/28/2022 - Event Page -Video)
From Analysis to Action: Engaging through storytelling  (2/4/2022 - Event Page - Video)

While these workshops will complement each other, there is no requirement to attend all three or to attend them in order. Each will stand alone and provide all the necessary context and information to attend any or all of them.

Before coming to Statistical Cluster Analysis and Space-Time Analysis and Machine Learning based Cluster Analysis, we recommend:

  • Install ArcGIS Pro by following these instructions provided by the Center for Geographic Analysis. Please note that ArcGIS Pro runs on a Windows OS only. If you are a Mac user, see options here. If you do not have access to an adequate computer, please contact Lillian Delgado or the HUIT Support Center Service Desk at (617) 495-7777 to request a loaner laptop through HUIT. There is a limited inventory of loaner PCs, therefore please use your own laptop if it can run the software.
  • If you are new to ArcGIS Pro, walk through this tutorial provided by the CGA. You can also explore some of the lessons in this Try ArcGIS Pro Learn Path.
  • You can dive a bit further into analysis with this Analysis in ArcGIS Pro Learn Path
  • Bring some spatial data of your own to explore during the open discussion/office hours immediately following each session. This can include, but is not limited to: shapefiles, feature classes (within a geodatabase), feature services, comma delimited data with x,y coordinates, kmls, and more.

Before coming to From Analysis to Action: Engaging through Storytelling, we recommend: